9 of the Strangest Places Diamonds Have Been Found

No doubt, people thought it was strange that diamonds were Brazil, after hundreds of years of believing they were only native to India. Of course, we know better now, and we understand that they form underground and are brought up through volcanic pipes, all over the world. Sometimes, time and experience allows us to better understand how things work, and these kinds of discoveries no longer shock mankind.


With that said, we now know that there are some places diamonds just don’t belong, or it’s such a longshot that one might appear somewhere that we never see it …

Cursed: The Story of the Infamous Hope Diamond

It’s said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but some gems have a reputation for being dangerous, if not deadly. The 45.52-carat exquisite blue Hope Diamond is one such stone, arguably the most infamous gem of all time. People have yearned for it, fought for it, and stolen it repeatedly over its lifespan. Over the course of hundreds of years, countless owners of the stunning stone have suffered immeasurably. Is it possible that the gem is cursed, or are the tales of those who touched it simply embellished lore?

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A 112-carat sparkling blue gem first appeared in

Looking for Diamonds? 13 Countries You’re Likely to Find Them…

Diamonds only form in very precise environments, with just the right amount of heat and pressure. It takes billions of years for them to appear, and even then they’re still deep underground.


It takes a volcanic eruption to force the gems upwards, and after that, it can take thousands of years for them to be discovered. Initially, they were only found in India. Then, they were discovered in Brazil. Not too long after that, they were stumbled upon in South Africa. Nowadays, they’re found in select locations all over the globe, and each region seems to produce a …

Diamond-Studded: 10 Surprising things that have Been Smothered in Diamonds

It would be difficult to find a person who doesn’t like diamonds. They’re a mainstay in today’s culture and are usually a symbol of elegance or refinement. Celebrities grace the red carpet dripping in gems, and just about any classy lady can kick it up a notch by pairing diamond studs with something as basic as denim. Like anything, however, this bedazzling can be taken to extremes. When nothing says “luxury” like a diamond, surely 1,000 or more of them screams it, right? Here’s ten such gem-encrusted items to help you decide for yourself.

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  1. The Most-Expensive Toy Car

2 Diamond Heists that are Almost too Crazy to Believe

It’s easy to become captivated by a diamond’s brilliance and fire. The sparkle of a rare, flawless gem is hypnotic, and has left mankind captivated for centuries. An average man may simply crave the icy enchantress, but a certain kind of man will stop at nothing until he possesses it. These are the stories of such men- those who are so bewitched by their brilliance, or enamored with their value, that they’ve gone to incredible lengths to get their hands on diamonds. Some of these men were thwarted, though there’s a very real possibility you have passed others …

How the Diamond Makes its Way from the Mine to You

While the diamond trade may be incredibly ancient, it’s not even close to the age of that glittering gemstone on your finger. That beauty is at least a billion years old, though it could be more than three billion years old. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she designed these icy crystals, and to ensure their rarity, she insisted that they only be created under very precise circumstances. They must have an incredibly intense amount of pressure, as well as extraordinarily high temperatures, in order to develop.


Black diamonds, for instance, are only created when a …

How Two Men Pulled off the Greatest Diamond Hoax Ever

Anyone who lived through the dot com era, or even the Tickle Me Elmo craze, knows how people react when something potentially fantastical is at stake. They’ll wait in line for days, engage in fist fights, or jump into “opportunities” without properly assessing the risk. The same thing happened when the world realized what treasures the earth had been hiding in plain sight. The 1800s was all about precious gems and metals, and people would stop at nothing to get their hands on some.


Diamonds, and Silver, and Gold, Oh My!

People across the globe loved diamonds, but …

7 of the Most Exquisite Diamond Collections in the World

Diamonds are eternal symbols of love and prosperity. Many of us are lucky enough to own a few of these beautiful gems, or perhaps even a piece or two of high-quality jewelry. For the average person, this is as much as we can aspire to attain, yet a select few have managed to amass incredibly lavish collections of the finest gems that can be found. Some collections contain pieces so extravagant that the carat weight of one gem is greater than the total number of carats the rest of us will touch in a lifetime. These are the …

Fake Diamonds: What they are and How to Spot Them

It can be difficult to bite back gem envy when an acquaintance flaunts her new diamond ring, especially if it happens to have a stone the size of Australia on it. Inevitably, people begin to whisper in hushed tones, wondering if it’s authentic. Could a fake diamond truly look like a real diamond? Can it have the fame fire and radiance? How can you tell whether your acquaintance or the gem dealer is holding a real diamond? In some cases, the answer might be easier than you think.


It takes billions of years for a natural diamond to

15 Bits of Diamond Lore to Dazzle Your Day

Today, diamonds are generally thought of as a symbol of love, or are purchased to add an extravagant touch to a person’s wardrobe. Over the years, however, they’ve been considered tokens of good luck, as well as incantations of power, balance, health, and more.


Certain cultures even believed the gemstones were evil, while others felt certain they had the ability to ward off evil. Each generation and group of people has had its own idea of where the stones come from, and also of what magical, mystical properties they might possess. Pulling from cultures all over the globe, …